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Touchscreen Controls

When you connect to your desktop, you will see the upper left corner of your desktop (primary monitor). It is displayed at a 1:1 pixel scale; you can magnify this by spreading your fingers on the iPhone screen. You cannot compress the image as the iPhone firmware is not fast at re-rendering large images and the transfer time to your iPhone is significantly longer. You can pan around the screen simply by dragging your finger as you normally would on a website.

You control your PC by tapping or sliding with your fingers on the iPhone or iPod touch touchscreen. To use your fingers as a mouse, see the Mouse List, with a description of the Pointers you see. To bring up a Toolbar, tap with two fingers together at the spot you want to work on. See Toolbars. For other controls, such as scrolling or zooming or page up/down, see Tools*Keys*Zooms.

See Logout and Exit for how to close your remote connection.

See Touchscreen FAQ for answers to user questions about how to do specific tasks.

The Help button on the PC2Me Plus main screen takes you to Quick Start with a Desktop Control Help walkthrough of touchscreen controls.


Main Toolbar
Tap 2 fingers to get the main toolbar.

[Cut & Paste]     [Navigation]     [App List]
[Funct.Keys]     [Special Keys]     [Locator/Windows]
[Email]     [Help]     [Close PC2Me Plus]

Cut Paste Email toolbar

[Copy]     [Paste]     [Cut]     [PgUp]
[BtnDown]     [Sel Word]     [Sel All]     [PgDn]
[LineLeft]     [Sel Line]     [LineRight]     [Close]
(cpc6u) comes up when [BtnDown] is pressed to hold left button down and lets you lift that button.

Document Navigation toolbar

[Home]     [End]     [Up]     [PgUp]
[Left]     [Right]     [Down]     [PgDn]
[Shift]     [Ctrl]     [Alt]     [Close]
The shift/ctrl/alt act on next non-shift type key and their states can be combined in 8 ways.

Select an Application
This displays a list of applications that are running. You can select one to work with.

Keyboard Function Keys

This brings up a keyboard.

Click the .?123 button to switch to a numeric keypad.


[Select Monitor(s)]     [UpperLeft]     [UpperRight]
[Maximize/Restore]     [LowerLeft]     [LowerRight]
[Minimize]     [CloseWindow]     [Close]

- The 'angle' buttons move viewport to the matching corner of the monitor.

Select Monitors

[Monitor 1]     [Monitor 2]     [Monitor 3]     [Monitor 4]
[Windows monitor]    
[Access all monitors]
[Close toolbar]

Special Keys

[Esc]     [Ins]     [Del]     [Back Space]
[Tab]     [BrwBack]     [BrwForward]     [Undo]
[CapLk]     [NumLk]     [PrintScreen]     [Redo]
[Shift]     [Ctrl]     [Alt]     [Close]

Touchscreen help
This gives quick tips on using the mouse functions and toolbars.

This returns to the PC2Me main screen.
Toolbars edited 5/31/10

Click for more about Cut Paste Email toolbar Click for more about Document navigation toolbar Click for more about Application selection Click for more about Function keys toolbar Click for more about Keyboard Click for more about Monitors and Window locations Click for more about Special keys toolbar Click for more about Touchscreen help Click for more about Close the application


keyboard     press on caret
page up     quickly tap low then high
page down     quickly tap high then low
home     quickly tap right then left
end     quickly tap left then right
zoom out     double tap, then tap to zoom in on tap location
zoom up 2x     a quick tap, then a quick short swipe up
zoom down     a quick tap, then a quick short swipe down

Tools*Keys*Zooms edited: 5/31/10

Mouse List
Result     What to do
Move     tap target location
slide     slide finger near pointer
left click     tap pointer
double click     double tap pointer
right click     PC2Me App: swipe pointer to the right (a quick short nudge)

Safari: hold one finger down and tap to the right of it
left button down/up     PC2Me App: swipe pointer to the left (tap pointer to lift)

Safari: hold one finger down and tap to the left of it
xy-wheel     slide 2 fingers held together in any directions
browser back     a quick tap then a quick short swipe left
browser forward     a quick tap then a quick short swipe right

Mouse edited 5/31/10

Pointers (arrows)

White Pointers
The normal mouse cursor pointer color is white.

Green Pointers
Green Pointers indicate that you are moving the cursor by sliding your fingers. You are in slide mode.

Yellow Pointers
Yellow Pointers indicate a double-click.

Blue Pointers
The normal cursor pointer is blue when the keyboard toolbar is open.

Red Pointers
Red Pointers indicate mouse button clicks. The red arrow points left for a left-click, and right for a right-click. It points down when you are holding the button down.

Arrows edited 5/31/10

Logout and Exit

In the PC2Me Apps, to return to your main screen, click the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPod main button, then click the PC2Me app icon again. This leaves you logged in.

To Logout and Exit desktop control in PC2Me Plus App, tap with two fingers to open the main toolbar, then tap the Exit (X) button.

In Safari, click your back button to logout and exit.


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